Quick and Easy Desk Based Exercises to avoid spinal & joint pain
Are you a busy executive who sits for long hours at your desk and feels pain or stiffness at the end of the day (or even in the middle of your work or home life!) in your spine and/or joints?

Do you get busy with being a mum when you head back home? We all know that 'is' the definition of busy ... I have been there and done that ... It is tiring, to say the least and exercises are the last thing on your mind. But you want to know the quick (we are talking one to two minutes) solution to avoid that ache and discomfort that keeps nagging you?

Click below to get my free guide where I show you a quick and easy desk based exercise routine that can fit into your busy schedule, whether at home or at work. I also teach your some BONUS points to help maintain a good posture while sitting at your desk. 


Hi there! 

I am Swati, an Executive Mum Power Coach and a Certified Posture Expert.  
I use my proven system to help mums of younger kids, working in high stress executive jobs manage their spinal (back & neck), nerve and joint pains. This enables them to be a more productive & capable professional at work and a guilt free mom who can focus on her kids instead of being distracted by the pain.

Our body goes through a lot of physical stresses holding & carrying younger kids, driving to and from classes, running around with the kids takes a toll on the body. Add to that sitting at a desk job from 9 to 5, or longer plus long meetings at work, the frequent travelling, uncomfortable hotel pillows (yes I know that one very well!), not being able to share your discomfort at work b'coz you need your teams to take you seriously as a role model. All this restricts you from functioning at an optimal level physically and mentally. Even though you love your kids and your job you may not be able to give your 100% to them as these discomforts hold you back from your full potential. This makes you feel guilty as a mum and you feel less productive at your workplace. 
If you can relate to all this you are not alone. As a mum I have been there done that momma -- I got you! I’ve helped hundreds of mums in this situation over the years find that solution to manage these spinal and joint pains that hold them back. This enables them to feel confidently in control and empowers them to cultivate that confidence and productivity at work and enjoy being with your kids, to be able to run around with them without the fear of injury or pain.

Are you ready for this journey? Ask me how if you are curious.

Let's DO THIS!
xx Swati
** Executive Mum Power Coach **

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