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I am an Executive Mum Power Coach. I use my proven system to help mums of younger kids, working in high stress executive jobs manage their spinal (back & neck), nerve and joint pain. This enables them to be a better & more productive professional at work and a guilt-free mom who can focus on her kids instead of being distracted by her pain. 
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Are you a busy mum who works as an executive? Do you feel the pain and/or stiffness at the end of the day (or even in the middle of your work or home life!) in your spine and/or joints? Is this pain is nagging you through the day and you wish you could find the solution for it that fits into your busy lifestyle?

I know that feeling and I completely get you! I have "been there and done that"

Our bodies undergo a lot of physical changes as a mum and when you are a working mum these changes can be extra challenging. I help you with simple exercise, easy lifestyle changes that fit into your busy schedule at work & home.

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