Why are you feeling dizzy? (Part 1)

Why are you feeling dizzy? (Part 1)
Vertigo is the feeling of being off balance. It can manifest as dizziness, either as your head spinning or the room spinning around you. 

Dizziness has numerous causes but did you know that disturbances in the vestibular system (present inside the inner ear) can also cause dizziness?

Watch this video to know more about the role of inner ear in vertigo and balance:

The 4 symptoms that indicate your dizziness is caused by a disturbance in the vestibular apparatus (inner ear) are given below: 
  • Your dizziness is increased by moving your head in different directions.
  • The dizziness with head movement is accompanied by involuntary rapid flickering of the eyeballs in a certain direction. This is called nystagmus and its direction may change or stop with certain movements of the head. 
  •  You may experience disturbance in balance either at the time of the dizziness or later on as well.
  • Dizziness maybe accompanied by nausea and vomiting. 
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