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Contour Pillows

Adkwse Contour Memory Foam Pillow for Neck Pain

  • The pillow holds the head anatomically correct in all sleeping positions. The head and neck area is ideally supported and is perfect for all types of sleepers (side / back).
  • The size of the neck pillow is 34 x 59 x 11 cm
  • With removable and washable cover with zip for clean washing.

AM AEROMAX Memory Foam Contour Pillow

  • This pillow is designed for various sleep positions like side sleep, supine sleep and back sleep because its curve fit supports your head, neck and shoulder perfectly.
  • Two heights 4.2 inches (the higher side) and 3.4 inches (the lower side).

Foam rollers

5 in 1 Foam Roller Set Includes Hollow Core Massage Roller with End Caps, Muscle Roller Stick, Stretching Strap, Double Lacrosse Peanut, Spikey MASSAGE Ball

  • Classic triple zone massage roller with end caps for storage , great for deep tissue massage and stretching legs and lower back .
  • Massage stick for those hard-to-roll areas , like the quad , shin , and inner thigh . Control the intensity of the massage by pressing harder or softer with the handles . 
  • The stretch strap is amazing. Just wrap one end around your foot , and control the intensity by grabbing different handles .
  • 2 types of massage balls , both great tools for trigger point and myofascial release. The double lacrosse ball is best for rolling the forearm, neck and shoulders. The spike ball is great for the arches of your feet for plantar fasciitis .

The Original Body Roller 

  • 3D textured rollers measure 12.5 x 5.5 inches with triple massage zones to replicate the fingers , thumbs , and palms of the human hand .
  • Roll before and after your work out at the gym, Pilates or yoga to condition and stretch muscle tissue and remove painful trigger points. Dual grid design has finger zone with ridges and spiked bumps on the opposite side.
  • Great for runners , after a long workout, or as part of your stretching routine  Heavy Duty EPP construction tough enough for athletes, and still comfortable enough for a beginner.


  • This massage tool provides deep tissue massage for different body parts
  • 9 independent rollers with segmented spindles, each rolling spindle engineered to hit even the smallest pressure points and muscle fibres for a deep tissue massaging experience.
  • The design of this muscle roller ensures a steady grip that works effortlessly with you for the most efficient muscle massage and relief dual grip design helps you hit those hard-to-reach spots and allows for uncomplicated self-massages
  • Ideal for both home and travel, take to the gym, use at home and/or sports fields etc, fit perfectly in your gym bag


  •  Portable, easy to carry muscle roller travels easily wherever you go. 
  • Cushioned foam roller muscle massage stick is skin and muscle friendly. 
  • Massages muscles deeply, circulating blood and oxygen into muscle knots to relieve pain and speed recovery. 
  • Unique design makes foam rolling easy and saves your fingers and hands from fatigue.

Lumbar Supports

AMERIERGO Ergonomic Lumbar Support Pillow

  • Ergonomic Contoured Design: Designed scientifically, this ergonomic office chair lumbar support cushion has an ergonomic contour, providing you with firm support, ensuring you comfy sitting in your daily life.
  • Multifunctional Use in Different Places: You can use this lumbar support pillow at home / office / car, or even on a flight. And it is not only for office chair, but can also be put on a car seat, wheelchair, dinning chair, desk chair, computer chair, or any other place according to your personal needs.
  • Dual Elastic Adjustable Straps: The back support chair cushion has 2 adjustable straps that are fixed on both sides of the cushion’s back and there will be 2 extra straps attached for extension if needed
  • Premium Memory Foam: This chair support pillow is made of superior memory Foam with high density and excellent elasticity. It can reshape easily and keep its original shape even after your long-time sitting
  • Easy-to-Clean Cover: The cover of the car back support cushion can be easily detached by moving the zippers and they are machine-washable, which are easy to clean. 

Lumbar Support and Back Support for Office Chair Cushion

  • Ergonomic back support cushion made of premium-quality slow rebound memory foam that is supportive yet soft. Get relief from backache with its raised massaging nubs, which provides ultimate support and comfort to your back.
  • This exclusive cushion is perfect back support for office chair as well as car. It takes the natural contour shape of your back and curve perfectly. This perfectly thick and firm lumbar support cushion has a 186cm long strap attached for better grip on any chair.
  • Use this back cushion at home / office / car, or even on a flight. It’s an ultimate relief for sufferers of sciatica pain, arthritis pain, muscular pain, coccyx pain and is very suitable for pregnancy.
  • Our back support cushion is the best choice for lower back support and natural spinal alignment. Its convenient shape and flawless texture makes it perfect backrest cushion which effectively relieves back pain and back tightness.
  • It has removable and machine-washable velvet cover which comes off easily by moving the zippers.

Health foods & Supplements

Red Reishi Mushroom Powder (usda certified organic)

  •  CERTIFIED ORGANIC: 100% USDA Organic Reishi Mushroom Powder (whole red reishi mushroom dried and pulverized, Certified Organic by QAI)
  • INDEPENDENTLY TESTED: All mushrooms contain a small to medium amount of heavy metals. Our Reishi is tested at a respected 3rd party lab for heavy metals and passes all FDA/WHO requirements.
  • BENEFITS: Also known as lingzhi or it's latin name, ganoderma lucidum, Reishi is very popular in traditional Chinese Medicine. No additives or preservatives
  • EARTHY TASTE PROFILE: Reishi is a rather earthy and moderately bitter mushroom. We recommend usage in a tincture, or blended in a full flavor smoothie or even in coffee
  • PACKAGING: Heat-sealed and re-closeable bag to retain freshness. Full 8 ounce bag. 45-60 Servings Per Bag, Recommended Serving Size 1 teaspoon. Packaged locally in Southern California. Note: Customers may receive product with the original packaging shown or updated packaging design. Product inside remains the same!