How to manage back stiffness in the mornings: 3 easy tips
Do you wake up with stiffness in your back in the mornings? 

If yes, consider this scenario:  You don’t have any stiffness during the day or when you get to your bed and you sleep well but when you wake up in the morning especially as you are getting out of bed your back feels stiff. You feel the stiffness subsiding once you have been up and about for a while or after you have stretched and moved your body.
Does this sound familiar to you? Something seems to have caused the stiffness between going to bed and waking up. You have not been sitting in a chair or standing up at night. You are just simply sleeping. The only probable explanations are either a poor sleeping posture or the stresses that have built up through the night due to the static position of your spine, causing you to wake up with pain and/or stiffness in your back.  

Lets look at three simple solutions to address your morning back stiffness. 
Firstly you need to correct your poor sleeping posture. A poor posture can cause stresses to build up your spine, ligaments, muscles, joints, etc for the six or eight hours of your sleep, causing back stiffness in the morning. Try and adapt a good sleeping posture. You can read more about it here.
Secondly you can apply a hot pack in the mornings, before you get out of bed or a hot bath right after getting out of bed. Heat can help to ease the stiffness by increasing blood flow to the area. This helps to ease out the stiffness in the back muscles. You can learn more about hot packs here.
Thirdly try and do some simple bed based stretches before you even get out of the bed. This provides a bit of movement to the spine and back that has been static throughout the night. 
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