What are the first signs of hip problems?

What are the first signs of hip problems?
Hip joint pain is not very commonly talked about, however, hip pain is something that many people suffer from. Problems in the hip can range from arthritis to hip bursitis to every other problem of the hip. In this blog, lets discuss the first signs of a hip problem and how to know if the pain is actually coming from your hip? 
Many people refer to their gluts/buttocks/bottom as their hips. So before we get into the signs of hip pain lets fist define where your hip joints are located. If you look at the side seams of your trousers, follow it all the way up to your side pockets. That is the location of your hip joints, basically the area where your long thigh bones are connected with your pelvic bone. 
There can be many different signs depending on the pathology in the hip but here are some of the common first few signs of hip problems:
Pain in the hip joint: This is a simple one however hip pain can present in the joint itself or in your buttocks or the front of your thigh or in your inner side of your thigh, sometimes extending right up to the knees, depending the structures (muscles, ligaments etc) that are involved. This will also decide if the pain is just a mild soreness or a full blown arthritic pain. 
Stiffness in your hip: You might not notice it 24/7 to start off with. You would probably notice it when you are climbing stairs or when you have been walking for a long period of time or getting up to stand after prolonged sitting.
Limping: This is a more long term sign when you have had the hip issue for a certain amount of time but it is also seen earlier if the hip problem is progressing fast or other complications are present that cause a fast deterioration of your hip condition. 
Tenderness: Tenderness means you may not have pain in your hip when you are going about your day but when you touch your hips there is a pain or ache in the area.  

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