5 tips to manage your back pain while wearing heels (Part 1)
If you suffer from back pain wearing high heeled shoes maybe the trigger that leads to a flare up of your back pain. Do you ever wonder if your back pain is going to put an end to your ‘high heeled’ days? Or are you a mum who works in a high profile job where your high heels are a part of your everyday work attire?
In this blog, we are going to discuss five tips to manage your back pain while wearing heels. This is a two part blog. In this first part lets talk about what happens when you wear high heels and how can it lead to back pain. This will give you a better understanding of the tips that we will be subsequently discussing. 
When you wear high heels, your lower body leans forwards as your feet are pointing forwards instead of being flat. To compensate for this posture the upper body leans backwards. This balances your body and prevents you from falling. However your spine cannot stay in a neutral position despite these adjustments. This is similar to a building that has an unstable base. It cannot be very stable despite all the scaffolding and support. Same is true for our body. If your feet are unstable it creates a negative effect higher up in the knees, hip and spine. And if you have a back pain on top of that, the instability gets even more accentuated leading to more back pain. 
The first tip to avoid back pain while wearing high heels is to wear block heels. I know majority of women feel that it's not the same as wearing pointy heels. I understand …. I've been there, done that. But your back will be better off wearing block heels as your foot is in a flat position and not pointing forwards.
The second tip is for those who are in a profession where you stand or walk a lot or spend the majority of time at a standing desk. If possible try and alternate between flat shoes for the standing part and when you are out and about and heels for the rest of your time. Same applies when you are travelling for work or on a holiday. Carry a pair of flat shoes for ‘easier’ wear and high heels for the formal occasions or meetings. 
Read part 2 of the blog here to learn the rest of the tips. 

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