Ten tips to get the most effective use out of your tennis elbow brace (Part 2)
This is part 2 of the blog on Ten tips to get the most effective use out of your tennis elbow brace. If you missed it read Part 1 HERE.

In part 1 we discussed how a brace helps to heal your Tennis Elbow followed by four (out of ten) tips to get the most effective use out of your brace. Here, in part 2 of this blog, we will discuss the remaining six (out of ten) tips to get the most effective use out of your brace. 

#5.Do not sleep on the affected side, keeping it rested in a neutral position besides you. This can be done by keeping your forearm on a pillow next to you. 

#6.Use a cold pack before you go to bed to ease off the inflammation in and around your outer elbow and forearm muscles. 

#7. You can wear a tennis elbow brace while working out, if you have a history of tennis elbow in the past or are currently suffering from one. 

#8.Wearing a brace can also helps if you are lifting heavy weights in the gym for prevention of this condition.

#9.Most braces come with straps that are quite helpful for additional support on the area. They are also helpful if you have a swelling or muscle spasm when you purchase the brace. Once the swelling gradually subsides and your forearm come back to their original girth the straps are helpful in maintaining the snug fit of the brace. 

#10.Elbow braces tend to be lightweight. However, some can be heavier than others. Wear the brace before you buy it to ensure that your forearm can take this weight and you know what to expect.
Tennis elbow braces are highly effective in relieving pain and discomfort when worn well keeping all these tips in mind. However, as the pain reduces you should try and wean off the brace gradually. This helps your muscles take over the function of supporting your forearm in daily activities. It is easier to wean off once you have started doing strengthening exercises as a part of your rehab process. If you are dependent on the brace in the long term, the muscles tend to stay weak and there are chances of the tennis elbow getting chronic.

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