Is It Too Late To Fix Your Posture?
A good posture is important for optimal overall function of your body. In this blog we will discuss if it is possible to correct a poor posture if you have had it for a long time. We will dive into some easy strategies and simple tips to achieve a good posture followed by how you can  maintain this good posture.
It is never too late to fix your posture. Most of us know that we have a poor posture and we want to make changes to achieve a good posture. Maybe you are one of those who try and sit upright but after a while you slouch back down into your chair. And this cycle keeps going on and on throughout the day. Or you get neck and back pain due to poor posture but you are not sure how to break out of this posture. Lets discuss three simple tips to do so, tips that you can manifest right now.
Your spine can be broadly divided into your neck, midback and lower back area. First lets consider the neck. Most people look down into their phones or screens or books when looking at them. This puts a lot of strain on your cervical spine and its surrounding structures such as discs, ligaments and muscles. To achieve a neutral position of the neck, hold your iPad or screen or book that you're reading in front of you, so that you are looking at its top edge. Now bring your gaze down by 5 to 10 degrees below this horizontal line (see picture below). This sets your cervical spine in neutral.  

Next, lets look at your midback. Take a tennis ball or a soft stress ball and put it in between your shoulder blades. When you sit back in your chair the ball is sitting between your body and your chair. Now every time you slouch at the midback and lean forward the ball is going to fall out of its place, giving you a feedback to correct your posture. This will also help you to correct your rounded shoulders
Lets now comes to your lower back. Regular chairs do not support the curve of your lower back and when this area of the lumbar spine is not well supported you tend to slouch to rest this area on to the chair. This is particularly true when you are sitting in a chair without a lumbar support or when you are sitting on a sagging couch or your bed. The solution for this is to roll up a bath towel or sheets and then put this into the curve of your lumbar spine. This roll will support the curve of your lumbar spine and provide it the support. 
Once you've got your neck, mid back and lower back in the neutral posture, obviously you will achieve a good posture as your spine is a neutral normal alignment. There are some simple tips that you can implement to maintain this good posture. I have covered this in a free training in my community here

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