Can knee arthritis go away with weight loss?
If you have arthritis of the knee your doctor may have advised you to lose weight. This is a generic advice given by doctors or healthcare professionals to every patient with OA (osteoarthritis) knees.  However it is not easy as most exercises can flare up your knee pain and unless you manage the trifecta of exercise, a healthy diet and reduction of inflammation in the knees, weight loss seems like an impossible achievement. In this blog we will discuss if knee arthritis can go away with weight loss, what kind of exercises can help you and most importantly how to reduce inflammation in your knee. (These components are applicable to all painful joints in the body)
Lets start off with the first component, exercise. Ideally, you should do low impact exercises such as walking or gentle yoga and closed chain exercises such as swimming or cycling with knee arthritis. In closed chain exercises your foot does not come in contact with the ground. Example: in cycling your foot is on the pedal and not on the ground. There is a closed chain within the body, not touching the floor during the exercise. This is beneficial as the ground always creates an equal and opposite reaction (known as ground reaction force) every time the foot comes in contact with it. Yes! Thats Newton's third law: every action has an equal and opposite reaction. More the ground reaction force more the stresses on your leg joints (ankle, knee, hip, ankle) and the spine. There is no ground reaction force acting on the knee with closed chain exercises. With low impact exercises such as walking or gentle yoga your foot is gently contacting the ground and thus creating a low ground reaction force. This is in contrast with high impact exercises such as Zumba, running or jumping where the ground reaction force is quite high. 
In addition to this, people with chronic joint pains are more prone to mood disorders, depression, anxiety and irritability. Exercises can help to manage these better as they help the body to release endorphins or ‘happy hormones’.
Second component of managing knee arthritis is your diet. We know all about a healthy diet but did you know that an anti-inflammatory diet could help with your knee pain/arthritis? This mean not eating packaged or processed food, but eating natural food that you can digest without adding to the inflammation in your body. This definitely does not mean calorie counting or skipping desserts (yes that’s right! There are healthy yet tasty desserts). You can find more details HERE (go to the first link on this page). 
The third and most important component is to reduce the inflammation in your knees. This can be done by giving a high dose of antioxidants to the body with this juice which can reduce the inflammation in the knees and your overall body. The best part of reducing inflammation in the body is that the weight starts to shed off as your body is not holding on to the unnecessary fat cells anymore. You can find more details HERE. 
When we combine these three components together we get long lasting and sustainable results which means reduced Knee Arthritis and Joint Pains along with weight loss. The 11 day jumpstart is the precise cumulation of the three factors. There are hundreds of people who have managed their joint, back, neck and nerve pains, reduced their diabetes, blood pressure and high cholesterol and much more with the jumpstart. The lady, Martha who runs the jumpstart has explained it HERE along with the details of the anti-inflammatory juice and the testimonials.
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