Two Quick & Easy Tips to Manage Your Mid Back (Thoracic) pain
Mid back or thoracic pain is quite common in working mums, especially those who have sit for long hours slouched over their laptops or at home while taking care of their little ones. Mid back pain can be very nagging and persistent. However most people talk only about neck and lower back pain. Lets discuss this common yet easily overlooked pain in this blog. Here are two quick & easy tips to manage mid Back pain, that you can implement starting today!
When we think about slouching we usually associate this with a rounded lower back. However slouching is very common at the thoracic spine or mid back. To avoid this put a tennis ball on the spine at the level of the shoulder blades (anywhere from the top to mid of the shoulder blades), such that it sits between your spine and the chair. Whenever you slouch the ball will roll off your mid back, thus reminding you to keep your spine erect while sitting.
Another thing that happens when we are engrossed at work or watching television or a screen is that we tend to poke our head out. This is known as a forward head posture. Here the cervical spine is not in a neutral posture and this leads to stresses on the spine and the surrounding muscles, ligaments as well as rounding of the shoulders and mid back. An easy way to prevent this poor posture is to maintain a neutral posture of your neck. This will also prevent irritation or compression of the nerves that exit the lower cervical spine, which can lead to nerve pain in the area between the shoulder blades. To do so, gaze at a point in front of you and then gaze down by 5 to 10 degree. This will bring your neck in a neutral posture and prevent the nerve pain in the mid back area as well as rounded shoulder and mid back.

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