6 signs that indicate that you are suffering from spinal stenosis
The spine is made up of vertebrae stacked up on each other. The vertebra form a central canal through which the spinal cord passes. Also, there are nerves exiting the spine from the facet joint at the side of the vertebrae. Spinal stenosis occurs when the spinal cord gets compressed either at the facet joints or centrally in the canal. 

Watch this video for more details on the causes and mechanism of spinal stenosis :

Here are 6 signs that you may have if you are suffering from spinal stenosis:
  1. You have constant pain and/or numbness in your legs while standing
  2. Your pain eases with rest or bending forwards
  3. You have difficulty in performing upright exercises or activities
  4. You have abnormal sensations such as tingling numbness and weakness may be felt in the arms and hands with cervical involvement and in the legs with lumbar involvement 
  5. You may have a foot drop or your foot may drag while walking if lower lumbar spine is involved
  6. You may have balance issues if your cervical spine is affected 
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