How can I avoid pain in my hands from texting or scrolling?
Pain in the fingers due to texting and scrolling is a common problem for those who do hours of typing or gaming or scrolling through social media or playing games on the phone. 
Just a few texts or typing or scrolls are not going to cause these issues but the hours and minutes can add up and gradually build up the stresses on your muscles, ligaments, tendons and other structures of the hand. This causes inflammation in your joints and tendons, leading to repetitive stress injuries such as trigger thumbcarpal tunnel syndrome, etc or to bigger issues such as arthritis. 
It is not possible to avoid texting and scrolling in todays world. So lets talk about four simple and easy to implement tips to help you avoid this pain without locking away your laptop and phone. 
Firstly take  a break! If your job involves using the keyboard or phone extensively or you have a hobby such as knitting or embroidery or pottery or you are a mom who uses their hands a lot apart from social media or work, then take a break even if it is for a few minutes, every half an hour. 
Secondly do some hand movements during that break. Our bodies are not meant for static postures or repetitive movements without breaks.  These movements can be simply opening and closing your fist, making circles with your wrist - clockwise and anticlockwise. You could do 5 of these in every break. 
Thirdly keep your wrist and hand in a good posture. These are easy modifications to what you are already doing. Watch this video to learn simple and easy hand movements and an easy tip to keep your wrist in a neutral posture (@ 2.55 minutes on the video)

Fourthly use the features on your smart phone and use voice to text function. So you can just speak into your phone instead of typing out your messages. It usually shows up as a little mic button at the bottom of your screen when you are texting or typing. If you are an author or you write blogs you can use voice to text apps such as (I don’t get any kickback from them, just an app that I like to use). This will save your hands and fingers from the stresses of typing and free up your time as well. 
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