What does spinal inflammation feel like?
Spinal (Neck & Back) pain is a common problem experienced by working moms as they strive to juggle home life, kids schedule, work, travel, meetings etc. There can be many reasons for spinal pain such as arthritis, discitis, sacroiliitis, anykylosing spondylitis, etc but the underlying problem for all these causes is inflammation in the spine. In this blog, we will discuss what does spinal (neck & back) inflammation feel like and what you can do about it. 

The symptoms of spinal inflammation will depend on the underlying cause of the inflammation. However, inflammation of the spine has some characteristic features that can distinguish it from mechanical pain. Usually the pain localised to the area of inflammation. It can also lead to nerve pain if the inflamed structures irritate or compress the nerve. The nerve pain will be experienced in the are of distribution of the nerve. Example: if the lumbar spine is involved and the sciatic nerve gets irritated then you will experience the symptoms of sciatica.
Also, inflammatory pain tends to have a slow onset. This is in contrast with mechanical pain such as disc prolapse that can start as a sudden sharp pain after an activity such as strenuous exercise. Lastly, spinal pain due to inflammation is usually felt more in the morning. However as the condition progresses this may be seen throughout the day. 
There are many ways to manage spinal inflammation such as anti inflammatory medicines and pain relief gels, gentle exercises and cold packs, etc. The 11 day jumpstart is a free progrma that helps to manage inflammation in the body, including the spine. Many of the people have reduced the inflammation in their joint and spine with the jumpstart (you can see the testimonials HERE). It has been customised (with permission of its creator) to make it suitable for people with spinal (back & neck) pain.  It includes simple yet effective exercises for spinal (back & neck) and joint pain and easy tips to achieve & maintain a good posture. It is a free program and you can find the details HERE.

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