5 tips to manage your back pain while wearing heels (Part 2)
In this blog, we are going to discuss five tips to manage your back pain while wearing heels. This is a two part blog. In this first part we talked about what happens when you wear high heels and how can it lead to back pain. This was followed by the first two tips. If you haven't read part 1 of this blog, you can read it here. 
Following on from the previous two tips, the third one is for those who get achy and tired feet or back pain due to the high heels. Use a cold pack, on your feet and on your back. Cold helps to ease the inflammation in the area. However, if you wake up the next day with a stiff back a hot pack can be beneficial as it helps to ease the spasm in the back muscle that have been stressed from the high heels. If you want more details on hot and cold packs watch this video:

The fourth tip is to avoid pointy shoes. These tend to put your toes into a restricted space. Imagine when all the weight of the foot that is being exerted on the toes due to the foot being inclined in the high heels plus the toes are in a restricted space, there is a lot of physical stress on the foot/toe, leading to issues like bunions and toe/foot pain. A good alternative is to buy sandals with a rounded toe box. These give the space needed for your toes to maintain their regular shape. 
Lastly, the most important tip is to regularly stretch your calf muscles when wearing high heeled shoes. It is a simple yet easily overlooked task that de-stresses the leg and foot. A trick for doing a full calf stretch is to do the stretch with two variations, one with your knees straightened out and one with the knees bent. This addresses both the superficial and the deeper parts of the calf muscle. 
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