5 Easy Ways to Relieve your Carpal Tunnel (Wrist) Pain
As mums we use our hands extensively whether we are at home or at work. This could be typing on your keyboard, sending off those long corporate emails or changing diapers or holding your toddler or driving your kids to classes, etc etc … the list goes on and on! It is not uncommon for mums to suffer from wrist and hand pain (Carpal tunnel syndrome) either due to over use of their hands or fluid retention during pregnancy.
Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by irritation or compression of the Median Nerve. This is one of the many nerves that originates in our neck (cervical spine) and supplies your thumb, ring and index finger along with a part of the ring finger. The median nerve passes through a narrow tunnel made of the wrist bones, known as the carpal tunnel. If there is a swelling or inflammation of the median nerve due to overuse, pregnancy or fracture, it can rub against these bones in the tunnel and start to produce symptoms of pain or burning or tingling numbness or a nerve pain down the wrist and hand. 
In this blog we will discuss 5 easy ways to relieve your Carpal Tunnel pain that you can implement today.
Tip number one is to follow the correct ergonomics. This basically means try and keep your wrist is a neutral position. Not bent up or down but in the middle where your forearm and hand is in a straight line. When we are typing or holding a mouse at the computer the natural position of our wrist is bent upwards. A simple solution for this is to use a rolled up face towel under the wrist or to use a wrist pad with your keyboard and mouse. Click HERE for the ones that I use. Another good alternative is to use a standing ergonomic mouse that keeps your wrist in neutral. 

Tip number two is to avoid repetitive activities. If your office day involves typing all day long take a break in between your typing and do some stretches to avoid the build up of stresses on the hand and wrist. These breaks can be as frequent as every 20 minutes or so. 

Watch this video for ergonomics and exercises to help with wrist and hand (Carpal tunnel) pain: 

The third tip for you is to use a wrist splint that supports your wrist in neutral even when you are typing or sleeping at night. This was specially useful for me when my kids were little and would only fall asleep with me holding them in my arms and rocking them. Its not easy to support your wrists when you have a load to hold and support! HERE is the one that I used.
The fourth tip is to to use a cold pack at the end of the day to ease the inflammation in your wrist and hands. If your pain is severe you can use a cold pack during the day as well. Using a cold pack is the deceptively simplest tip that can work very well. It helps to ease the inflammation in a non invasive way and does not cause any harm to try it out! You can watch the video HERE to learn more about cold packs.  
The fifth tip is to elevate your arms over your head! If you can make a fist and open your fingers a few times this pumping action will help to reduce the swelling in the area. Also try not to hang your hands down by your body all the time as gravity will cause more fluid to drain into the hands and cause an increase in wrist and hand pain. You can  put your hands into your pocket or just across your arms in front of your body. This is specially useful for those people whose carpal tunnel pain is caused by fluid retention due to pregnancy or fracture. 

If you are suffering from wrist pain learn simple strategies to manage this in my free community where we discuss these topics in a judgement free and friendly group. 

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