Why do you injure yourself during exercises?
When you do your exercises, as a part of your workout or as advised by your physical therapist you might find yourself getting injured during these exercises. This can set you back in your exercise or rehabilitation journey and when this happens constantly it can  weigh you down mentally. However, there is always a  valid reason such as an underlying undiagnosed problem or it maybe that you need to simply need to tweak your exercise routine. In this blog we will discuss three common reasons why you might be getting injured during your exercises.  

Firstly, choose your exercises wisely. If you have been relatively inactive or you are new to exercise, it is advised to start with low intensity options such as walking, swimming, riding a stationary bike. Once you are more well versed with these exercises then you can move on to high impact activities like running, zumba or aerobics. It is always a good idea to take it easy and see the effect of the exercise on your body the day after the exercise. This is especially true for those who have pre-existing medical conditions. 
This brings us to the next common reason for injury. Once you start with your exercises follow the FIT principle to progress your exercises. The same principle applies when you want to decrease the level of your exercises. F is frequency of exercise, I is intensity and T is time or duration of exercise. You can change only parameter at a time of the FIT to increase or decrease the level of your exercises. Example: If you walk for 30 minutes at the speed of 5, once a day, then you either increase the time to more than 30 minutes or increase the speed to above 5 or walk twice a day. Increasing one parameter at a time will give you an idea of what works best for your body, as every person is different and may be comfortable with different exercise parameters. 
The third common reason for injury during exercise is when you do repetitive movements in a poor posture. This tends to put a lot of stress on the tendons and can lead to repetitive stress injuries such as Tennis Elbow or de Quervains tensosynovitis
There are a number of other important yet commonly overlooked reasons why you injure yourself during exercises. I have created a free guide with these reasons that you can get HERE. 

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