What is the cause of your recurrent back pain?
Do you have recurrent low back pain and wonder if your back pain will ever go away?  Does every little strain on the back turns into a full-blown back pain or do you get a lingering ache or tiredness in your back muscles, even though the acute back pain has resolved? 

The answer to your recurrent back pain is core muscles weakness. Research has shown that patients who strengthen their core have less recurrence of back pain. 
Watch this video to learn more about the core muscles and why they are important for the stability of the back:

Do you want to know how to implement this knowledge about the core practically without aggravating your back pain? I have been guiding people to manage their recurrent back pain and strengthen their core muscles using simple exercises. Join my free community where we ran a core challenge to understand what is the core, how it works and simple exercises to strengthen the core muscles.  
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