What is a proper posture when working from home?
Work from home is the new normal for majority of us after the pandemic. In this blog we will discuss how to maintain a good posture while working from home. These are simple and easy tips that you can implement today into your daily schedule. 

Firstly, check the height of your laptop screen. The top of your computer screen should be 5-10 degrees below the horizontal gaze from your eyes. This will prevent your from sticking your head forwards (forward head posture) or bending your neck upwards to look at the screen. 
Raise or lower your laptop to get this height right. You can use a laptop stand or a couple of thick books or a shoebox under the laptop for raising its height. The same rule is applicable to your desktop screen or phone or a book or television at home. If you can hold the phone or book at a height to get this angle of 5-10 degrees below the horizontal gaze correct. 

Another tip is to use an external keyboard and mouse so that your arm to forearm angle (at the elbow) is at approximately 90 degrees. Make sure that your wrists are in neutral and not bent upwards. You can use a mouse pad with wrist support or a rolled up face towel under your wrist to achieve a neutral position. A wrist support pad also helps to achieve a neutral position of the wrist. HERE are the ones that I use. 

Here is a video on "How do you know if you have a good Sitting Posture?" 

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