Does a poor posture affect bladder control (urinary incontinence)?
If you have a poor posture this could be contributing to your weak bladder control or urinary incontinence. In this blog we will discuss how a poor posture affects bladder control and two ways to manage this. 
As working mums you might have long hours at work, frequent travelling, static sitting in long meetings. All of these along with lack of exercise due to a busy lifestyle can contribute towards a poor posture, which can in turn lead to back and spinal pain. In addition to this, the body undergoes a lot of physical stresses from pregnancy to childbirth to taking care of the kids as mums. This itself can lead to back pains. When the back is painful over a long period of time, the muscles in and around the lumbar spine tend to become weak. This weakness is seen in the muscles present on the surface of the body as well as the deeper layers of muscles that provide stability to the lumbar spine. These are known as core muscles. One of the core muscles are the pelvic floor muscles that are situated between the urinary opening (urethra) and the tailbone. These muscles can lift the bladder and contract the urinary opening, thus delaying the  emptying of urine until it is convenient. 

Watch this video to learn more about the core muscles and how they stabilise the spine. 

In order to manage this situation, you can work towards two goals : firstly achieving a good posture and secondly strengthening your core muscles, specially your pelvic floor muscles. If you are looking for simple solutions to both of these feel free to join my free community where I have done free trainings on "Posture Tips and Tricks"  and “Core strengthening exercises”. 

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