How does Shockwave Therapy help with Tennis Elbow?
As mums, many of us suffer from Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) with the prolonged typing and use of our hands, whether at home or at work. Tennis elbow can cause excruciating pain in the outer elbow due to the inflammation in this area. There are many treatments for this condition but a popular one is the Shock Wave Therapy (SWT). But does it really help with Tennis Elbow? Lets discuss more in this blog about what is Shockwave Therapy and how it works and helps in the treatment of Tennis Elbow.
Tennis elbow can be a very painful and limiting condition, that can be recurrent in nature. It can easily come back with every little activity such as  lifting any weights or making a tight fist etc. It can radiate into the triceps and neck/shoulder or into your fingers. Watch this video for more details on Tennis elbow:

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There are many treatments available for tennis elbow and one of the popular one is 
Shockwave Therapy. It is a painful (depends on your pain tolerance) yet non-invasive treatment that uses high intensity sound waves to accelerate the healing mechanism of the body. When applied to the muscle these high intensity sound waves create microscopic tears in the muscle fibres which leads to a low scale inflammation in the area. This signals the body to start the healing process and it starts to lay down the new fibres in the area to repair the controlled damage that has been done in the muscle. 
Here are two tips for you if you have done Shockwave Therapy for tennis elbow (the same tips apply to Shockwave Therapy that has been done for Golfers Elbow) :

#Tip 1: As Shockwave Therapy can be a painful treatment many people try and rest the area completely after the treatment. However it is a good practise to do stretches for that muscles within the painfree range as this stimulates the body to lay down the fibres in the direction of the muscle fibres and not in a haphazard fashion. If stretching is not done the fibres get laid down in a random manner will again contribute to trigger (painful) points within the muscles. 
#Tip 2: Sometimes the pain after Shockwave Therapy can be quite intense. Discuss this with your physical therapist so that they can adjust the intensity of the Shockwave Therapy or give a longer break between sessions for your body to heal. You can use a cold pack to ease the inflammation. Some physical therapist advise against it as this eases the inflammation that is being created to actually treat the tennis elbow. You can discuss this with your physical therapist and follow their advice. 
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