4 Signs of a Weak Core (Part 2)
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Continuing from Part 1, the second sign of a weak core is a poor posture. Core muscles are made up of type one or slow twitch fibres, which lets them stay on switched on all the time without getting fatigued. The movement muscles are made up of type two or fast twitch fibres that are like a light switch that can be switched on or off as needed as they get fatigued with constant activity. When you have a weakness in your core muscles the global muscles try and compensate for the lack of stabilisation by the core muscles. However the global muscles get fatigued with constant activity and are not able to maintain the body in a good posture. Watch this video for more details: 


The next two signs of a weak core can have other reason such as neurological issues or weak leg muscles as well but usually a weak core is not considered in the list of reasons and it can be easily overlooked. One of these signs is lack of balance. When the weak core muscles are unable to stabilise the spine it does not give a stable base for the movement created by the global muscles. This can manifest as frequent loss of balance, falling over frequently or the feeling of loosing your balance, especially on uneven surfaces. Frequent falls and loss of balance can also occur due to neurological problems to ankle sprain, but a weak core is also one of common yet unspoken reason for balance issues. 
The fourth sign of a weak core is inability to stand up from sitting without the support of the arms of a chair or a table. This could also indicate that you have a weak leg muscles (gluteals, hamstrings, etc) but a weak core will need this external help as it doesn’t provide adequate support to the spine. 

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