4 Signs of a Weak Core (Part 1)
Spinal and joint pains are very common occurrences nowadays, especially among working mums. Usually these pains are either swept away under the carpet with their busy schedules at work and at home. Or these mums have tried everything under the sun and nothing has actually worked to let them have a relatively pain free day in a long time. If you are one of those mums who have a persistent back or neck pain and you are wondering how you can manage this, is possible that your pain is lingering on due to weakness in your core muscles. Lets discuss the four signs of a weak core in this 2 part blog. 

Core muscles are the deepest layer of muscles that is present within your body. When you look at a person from the surface, and you are looking at the movement muscles, or the more superficial muscles. However, when you peel off these layers of muscle and you go right to the level of the spine, the muscles that are present at the level of the spine stabilise the spine and hold it like a corset these are known as the core muscles or the stabiliser muscles. Watch this video (@2.22 minutes) to learn more about core muscles and how they are vital in the stability of the spine:

The first sign of a weak core is this nagging pain in the spine (back painneck painthat just doesn't go away despite regular exercises, walks and medication, gels, etc. The main function of the core muscles is stabilisation of the spine. When these muscles are weak, there is a lack of stabilisation. You are still able to do all activities as movement is being created by the global muscles. But the core muscles are not able to stabilise the spine during these movements. This weakness of the core manifests as lack of stability that eventually leads to a persistent nagging pain in your spine. 

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