Does heat help with back pain?
If you are a working mum with a busy life at home and a tighter schedule at work and suffer from back pain you may be looking for a quick fix for your back pain. Many people use hot packs for relief from back pain. In this blog, lets discuss if a hot pack really helps with back pain and how to decide if it is the right for your back pain as compared to a cold pack.  
Hot packs are a good modality to use for your back pain. When you apply a hot pack, it causes the blood vessels in the area to expand and this causes the blood to flow into the area. This flow of blood brings with it an influx of nutrients and oxygen, which helps with healing the area. It also washes away the pain producing substances that may have accumulated there. Applying a hot pack does not mean it guarantees pain relief as we also need to look into and try and fix the cause of the back pain

There are various kinds of hot packs available in the market, some of them are electric or microwavable or a gel pack. Some people prefer a hot tub or a hot shower instead of the hot pack. The kind of hot pack that you use depends on your personal preference. Just be mindful of not applying the hot pack that is too hot or going to sleep with a hot pack on due to risk of burns. Another word of caution for those who suffer from diabetes or other neuropathies and cannot differentiate between hot and cold sensation. Please refrain from using a hot pack due to risk of burns. 
If you have had an acute back pain due to an injury or disc issues etc a cold pack maybe a better solution for you as cold can help to ease the inflammation in the area. Watch this video for more details on cold packs and how to decide whether you should use a hot or a cold pack for your pain: 
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