Three Easy Desk  Exercises to Relieve Neck & Shoulder Tension/Pain
Our modern lifestyles promote prolonged sitting and prolonged standing, whether it is at work or at home or for leisurely activities. When done for long periods of time this can have a detrimental effect on the spine (neck & back) and joints.
We should try and move every 20 minutes if possible when you are in these prolonged static postures, whether in standing or sitting. However, it is not always possible to move around, such as in a meeting or a flight. In this blog we will discuss 3 Easy Desk Exercises to Relieve Neck & Shoulder Tension/Pain that can be done while you're sitting at your desk or at your home or just watching Netflix. These exercises are a good way to introduce movement into your neck and shoulder area.
These exercises can be done with five second holds or less, depending on how much time you have at hand. Also be mindful of not holding your breath when doing these exercises. An easy trick to do so is to count aloud when you do the exercise. 
The first exercise is a stretch for the side of the neck while the second one focuses on the front muscles of the neck. The third exercise is to destress your shoulders, scapular (shoulder blades) and neck area. Watch this video to learn the details of these exercises: 

An additional tip is the timing of these exercises: they can be done at anytime during the day but if you can manage to do them in the morning as you start your day and at the end of the day before you get into bed it will ease the tension that has built up as you lie in a static posture throughout the night and the stresses that build up during your everyday activities throughout the day. 

In addition to this, if you feel that your muscles are very stiff when you do the exercise you can use a hot pack before the exercises as it helps to ease the muscle spasm and if you feel sore after the exercises then you can use a cold pack. 

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