Why is your Sciatica worse when Sitting?
If you are a working mum in a job that involves hours of sitting and you have back pain, you might have experienced a tingling numbness or a shock like sensation going down into the back of your leg. This is a typical nerve pain that originates in the sciatic nerve and is known as Sciatica. Lets discuss why your sciatica is worse when sitting?
Sciatic nerve is the longest and thickest nerve in our body that originates in the lumbar spine. And goes down into the bottom and down the back of the thigh (hamstrings), back of the legs (calf muscles) and into the feet. If the nerve gets irritated or compressed or pinched due to any reason, it can lead to a nerve pain in the area of distribution of the nerve. Nerve pain can be seen in the form of tingling numbness, burning, irritation, heaviness, weakness, or an electric shock like sensation. 
Watch this video to learn more about sciatica:

Sciatica pain tends to be worse when sitting, especially for prolonged periods of time. This can range from 20 minutes to hours,  depending on how and where your sciatic nerve is getting irritated and the cause of sciatica. There can be many causes of sciatica such as spinal OA/arthritis, the commonest one being a disc bulge or herniation in the lumbar spine. 
When you sit for prolonged periods of time there are stresses that build up on the muscles, ligaments and disc in the lumbar spine.  This is further accentuated of those who sit in poor postures such as slumping or slouching. These postures bends the spine forwards, thus causing the disc bulge tends to increase, thus putting more pressure on the sciatic nerve, leading to increased sciatica symptoms. If sitting aggravates your sciatica, try to take a break from sitting or move around while you're sitting in your chair every 20 to 30 minutes. 

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