How can you maintain a Good Posture when Sleeping on your Back?
Working mum usually have long hours at work with back to back meetings and long work travels. You maybe very mindful about your sitting posture and yet suffer from back or neck pain and morning stiffness. This could be due to a poor sleeping posture. When we sleep in a good posture all our joints and muscles should be in a neutral position to prevent any stresses from building up on them during the night so we can wake up refreshed and pain free. In this blog lets discuss how to achieve and maintain a good posture when sleeping on your back.
When you sleep on your back, the height of your pillow should be the distance between the back of your head and the back of your neck. This is small distance, but if you don’t support the neck in a neutral position with a pillow of the correct height your head will roll backwards. This will lead to compression and potential narrowing in the structures in the cervical spine, leading to pinched nerves. Same applies to higher pillow that can push your head forward again leading to neck pain and nerve pains. HERE are the pillows that I use and recommend.
We all have a natural curvature in the lumbar spine that is supported by lumbar muscles and other structures. When you sleep on your back, these muscles do not touch the mattress as  they are sitting deep inside the curvature.  When you sleep on your back with your knees bent this enables the lumbar spine to be flat on the bed and the muscles of the lumbar spine to be well supported. This can be easily achieved by placing some pillows or a bolster under your knees to keep them bent. This prevents stress on the spine, nerves and muscles, that can lead to back pain and nerve pain.

Here is video on "How to sleep when you have back and neck pain: 3 tips"

HERE is a free guide on "How can you maintain a Good Posture While Sleeping". It gives you the details of sleeping posture in side lying, back sleeping, 3 postures to avoid when sleeping and how to change to a better sleeping posture and much more. 
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