3 Signs of Olecrenon Bursitis: Pain and Swelling on the Elbow
If you have has swelling and pain on the point of your elbow, you may have a condition known as Olecrenon Bursitis. This is different from Tennis Elbow and Golfers Elbow, which are present on either sides of the elbow. 
In this blog we will discuss the three signs that indicate that you maybe suffering from Olecrenon Bursitis. This will enable you to make well informed decisions when discussing your treatment plan with your doctor or healthcare provider.
Olecrenon refers to the bony area at the point of your elbow and bursitis means an inflammation of the bursa. Bursa are fluid filled sacs that are present on the bones such as our knee, shoulder and elbow that do not have a muscle layer protecting them and that come in direct contact due to an injury or from repetitive stresses when you're kneeling down or a constant direct friction or pressure on the bone. The bursa provide a cushioning effect on these bony areas. The bursa that is present on the olecranon is known as olecranon bursa and when there is inflammation in this bursa this condition is known as Olecrenon Bursitis. 
It can be caused due to an injury to your elbow or from keeping your elbows on the table for hours without a break

The first sign that you may be suffering from Olecrenon Bursitis is swelling on the elbow. When there is repeated friction or an injury to the point of the elbow the bursa swells up due to inflammation. This is a lumpy swelling that is not soft to touch. This can also happen if you are in the habit of sitting with your elbows on your desk or table to hold a newspaper or ipad or a book.
If the swelling started with a cut or a break in the skin due to an injury an infection may also be present in the bursa. In this case your doctor might give you medications to manage the infection and also send a fluid sample from the bursa for a lab test. 
The second sign that you may be suffering from Olecrenon Bursitis is pain in the elbow. This maybe present in the upper part of the forearm and the lower part of the arm as well. This pain is more noticeable when the elbow is bent and eases when the elbow is extended out. 
A cold pack can be applied to the painful area as cold helps to ease this inflammation and pain.
The third sign that you may be suffering from Olecrenon Bursitis is a redness in and around the elbow. This is more noticeable when comparing the two elbows. 
Watch this video to learn more 3 tips to manage Olecrenon Bursitis (Swelling & Pain in Elbow):
In addition to these tips to manage Olecrenon Bursitis, if you have the three signs of Olecrenon Bursitis, consult your doctor or healthcare professional who will be able to manage it with medications for you.

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