How to Relieve Pain from Pinched Nerves: 4 Tips for Long Lasting Relief
Do you suffer from pain in your back or neck? If so, it's likely that the source of your pain is coming from your nerves. These are nerves exiting from either side of your spine, right next to the vertebra. When these nerves get irritated or compressed, it can lead to extreme pain and discomfort. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips for relieving nerve pain quickly and easily!
Before we head into these tips, if you want to find out what does a pinched nerve pain feel like, read the blog HERE. It also gives you an understanding of why the symptoms of nerve pain can be so varied. 
These tips are simple yet very effective, as they make a big difference in the long run to your spine and nerve pain. So the first tip is to try and maintain a good posture in all your daily activities. If you are a mom who carries her baby or toddler on her hip for long periods of time try to swap sides often. This avoids the build-up of tension on one side of the spine and thus avoid irritation of the nerves on that side. 
The second tip is to follow good ergonomics (read more details on ergonomics HERE. Ergonomics is the study of people in their working environment. An example of this is when you are using multiple screens at work and you need to look at a screen on your left or right. Instead of turning your neck to look at the screen turn your office chair to face the screen that your full body turns instead of just your neck. This will help avoid the muscle spasm and tension in the neck and also the nerve pain that can get triggered by this.
The third tip is to use hot or cold packs on your neck or back as this is where your nerve pain originates. A cold pack works well for the dull achy feeling in the spinal muscles as cold packs help to ease the inflammation in the area. Meanwhile, hot packs help to ease muscle spasm and thus provide pain relief. You can use a hot pack if you have a stiff back or neck. If you want more details on hot and cold packs watch this video:

The fourth tip is to avoid or modify any repetitive movements by taking multiple mini-breaks. If you can do some light stretches during your breaks that will be even more beneficial. This gives time for your spine to destress and avoids any build-up of tension that can lead to nerve pains. An example of this is if you carry heavy loads at work try and take breaks where you stand up straight for a few seconds or a minute. If you are a mom, and you are changing diapers all day long, every time you finish off a diaper change stretch your back backwards to counteract the forward bent time you have spent at the changing table. 
If your nerve pain is due to medical issues such as diabetes, please work with your doctor or healthcare provider to manage your condition. These nerve issues are not covered in this blog.
HERE is a free guide on "How can you manage your nerve pain?" where you can get more information about what are nerve pains, how do you know if you are suffering from nerve pains, simple solutions to manage your nerve pain and much more. 

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