Are TENS units effective for pain relief?
Spinal (back/ neck) and joint pains can sometimes be a part of the everyday challenges for working mums with younger kids. There are many pain relief options available for these pains, one of them being TENS machines. In this blog we will discuss more about TENS machines and how they can help with pain relief. 
TENS is short for trans electrical nerve stimulation. TENS transmits a comfortable tingling sensation that can be turned up or down using the intensity button, as per your tolerance and comfort level. A TENS machine for home use is a small portable unit that has wires connected to two or four sticky electrodes. The machine usually has knobs or buttons on it for controlling the intensity and other settings. The newer versions can also be operated using your smartphone. 
TENS is low electrical impulses that work at two levels. If you use TENS at low intensity they will help to stimulate your body to produce natural painkillers like endorphins, thus providing pain relief. At a higher frequency, TENS will create pain relief by blocking out the pain sensations as the brain can only perceive one sensation at a time.
TENS can be used for a variety of condition, the common ones being arthritistennis elbowneck pain, fibromyalgia, disc bulges, knee injuries, joint pain, spinal (back/neck) pain, etc. They are also used for pain relief during childbirth. However TENS should not be used in people with epilepsy or pacemakers or those who have sensory disturbances. 
TENS machines are quite effective for short term pain relief and taking the edge off the pain, enabling you to get out and about. However you do have to repeatedly use your TENS machine for long term relief. So they work well for times when you don’t have access to other pain relief such as traveling but in the long run, it is better to address the basic cause of your pain and use it with other adjuncts such as medication, exercises, etc.

HERE are the TENS machines that I have used and found effective for my joint and back/neck pain. 

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