Can sitting on your wallet or phone cause back pain?
Back pain is not an uncommon occurrence nowadays with our busy lifestyles and prolonged sitting habits. This is especially true for working moms as we juggle long working hours, endless meetings, driving kids to classes, home and kids. Keeping the wallet or phone in the back pocket adds to the stresses on the spine and can contribute to back pain. In this  blog let's discuss how sitting on your phone or wallet can lead to back pain. 
You might been told to try and keep your back straight and spine in a good posture when sitting. Some times when you keep your wallet or phone or any other item in your back pocket,  it can make your pelvis imbalanced as it is tilted to one side. This in turn makes the lumbar spine go out of alignment. This can manifest as back pain and pelvic pain.
Our spine is divided into cervical (neck), thoracic (mid back) and lumbar (lower back) spine. They are like building blocks that are stacked on top of each other. If the bottom of this stack of blocks, ie the lumbar spine is not balanced well this is likely to effect your thoracic and cervical spine too, giving rise to mid back and neck pain. 

These are the long term effects of an unbalanced pelvis. It will not happen with a day or two of sitting on your wallet or phone. The short term effects will be an ache in the spine through the day or tiredness at the end of the day or stiffness in the mornings. So it is best to keep the wallet or phone in your handbag or on the desk rather than the back pocket.

Watch this video to learn what else can you do to avoid back pain by sitting in a good posture:

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