Which sleeping position causes Back Pain?
Discovering back pain upon waking up can be frustrating, especially when you haven't exerted your back muscles during the night. This blog explores the possibility that your sleeping position could be the reason behind your back pain. To alleviate these issues, the blog provides tips on how to adopt a better sleeping posture.
There can be other reasons for back pain on waking up. This  includes activities or poor postures that can stress the back muscles and other structures in the lumbar spine in the daytime. However a poor sleeping posture is one of the most common reason for back pain upon waking up. 
Some people sleep on their back or side but some sleep on their stomach. Sleeping on the stomach is a position that can cause back pain or increase an existing back pain. When we sleep all our joints and muscles should be in a neutral position to prevent any stresses from building up on them during the night so we can wake up refreshed and pain free. When you sleep on your stomach the curve in your lower back or your lumbar lordosis is exaggerated to its maximum capacity. So the curve sits at a maximum angle and there are additional stress on the muscles, ligaments and joints in the lumbar spine.  This can  aggravate your existing back pain or could be the cause of your back pain. So try and avoid stomach sleeping, when possible. Exception to this is if you have been told by a doctor to sleep on the stomach due to any surgery or medical condition. 
Watch this video (from 6.55 minutes in the video) to learn how you can transition from stomach sleeping to a better sleeping posture, namely side lying and sleeping on your back. 

We know that it is ‘easier said than done’ to change your sleeping posture. However any new habit takes at least six weeks to form. If you start off in side lying or on your back but you turn over to your tummy in the night, go easy on yourself and try it again the next night. It might be a good idea to try this change in sleeping posture at nap time and then moving on to night time sleep.

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