How Long to Wear a Cervical Collar: Everything You Need to Know
Most of us have suffered from neck pain at some or the other time in our lives. You may have been prescribed a cervical collar for your pain. 

Basically a cervical collar is worn around the neck to help support the head and cervical spine. It is often used after a person has suffered a neck injury to keep the spine in alignment and reduce pain. How long you need to wear a cervical collar will vary depending on your situation and the cause of your neck pain. In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about a cervical collar, including when you should keep it on!

Cervical collars come in two varieties - hard and soft. We are going to consider the more common variety, the soft collars. If your doctor has given you instructions to wear the collar for a certain amount of time go ahead and follow that. However if you have had neck pain in the past, and you still feel the need to wear a collar or feel the need for additional support for your neck then this blog is for you.

In very simple terms cervical collars do not restrict movement but provide a scaffolding for your muscles that are weakened due to injury or disease or strains, sprains, etc. So if you are going on a long flight or a road trip or a journey where you can get some jerks around the neck, you may want to stabilize your neck with a cervical collar. So go ahead and pack that collar into your hand baggage!

Most people will only need to wear the collar for these short periods. If you have been wearing the collar on an everyday basis despite the doctors asking you to ween off them and attaining a full range of motion in your neck, go ahead and look into the cause of why you feel the need to wear a collar. The most probable reason is pain that arises due to muscular imbalances in the neck. This creates a need for that extra support in the neck. 

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