Five tips to avoid neck and shoulder muscle spasm
Many working mums suffer from recurrent neck and shoulder spasms. This may be felt as a sudden pull in the neck as you sit at your desk for a long period of time and look at a computer screen for work or when you pick up and carry your little kids. Or maybe you frequently wake up with the spasm in your neck and shoulder area. In this blog we will discuss how five easy tips to avoid neck and shoulder muscle spasms. 
If you have a neck and shoulder spasm when you wake up, you can use a hot pack to relieve the spasm. A hot pack will increase the circulation to the area and help to relieve the spasm. A hot shower can also do the same. cold pack at the end of the day is beneficial to ease the soreness on the neck that is caused by the inflammation that builds up in the neck muscle through the day. 
Secondly evaluate your sleeping posture if you wake up with a spasm in your neck in the mornings. Watch this video to learn more about how to correct your sleeping posture and how to avoid the common mistakes that can lead to neck pain.

The third tip is to avoid static standing or static sitting for long periods of time. Our bodies are not meant for static postures and when your muscles have to support the spine in that static posture they can get fatigued over time, leading to neck and shoulder pain. It has been found that sitting in a static posture for more than twenty minutes can cause the stresses to build up in the discs of the spine. 
The fourth tip is to do desk based exercises throughout your work day. This helps to destress the spine. Ideally you should do 3 to 4 repetitions of each exercise every 30 minutes to an hour within the painfree range. These are simple movements such as moving your head from the left to the right as if looking over your shoulders or taking your ear to your shoulder or simple shoulder circles. 
Lastly, the same desk based movements can be used as gentle stretches for the neck and shoulder. Example: if you are turning your head to the right to look over your shoulder you can hold I here for five seconds. This will provide a gentle stretch for the side of the neck. Be mindful not to hold your breath during any of the movements. 
If you want to learn more stretching exercises and how  to manage your neck pain you can join my free community where we have done a free training on Simple Solutions to Manage your Neck Pain.

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