Sciatic Nerve Pain: How To Walk Pain free despite sciatica
If you have ever had a sciatic nerve pain (sciatica), you know how painful and debilitating it can be. Sciatica can get aggravated with different activities and walking is a common one on this list. However, walking is one of the activities that cannot be avoided in our everyday life. In this blog we are going to talk about three tips that can help you reduce your sciatic nerve pain when you're walking. 
Walking is an excellent form of exercise and it also releases endorphins, the feel good hormones. But when you have sciatic nerve pain, walking can be quite challenging due to either the back pain or leg pain or both. Lets talk about three tips that can help to reduce the chances of aggravating or flaring up your sciatica pain.
First tip is to land on your heel and then you roll on to your toes when your foot gets in contact with the floor. Usually when we are in pain the natural reaction is to land either on your toes or the full foot. One easy way to implement this is to remember “heel toe - heel toe’ mantra. 
Secondly make sure that you are standing on the tripod of your foot. The tripod is made of three points, namely the ball of the big toe and ball of the little toe and the heel. Whenever you are walking and your foot is flat on the floor make sure there were three points on your foot that are touching the floor. This also helps you to maintain a good posture while walking
The third tip is to walk slowly and steadily to not aggravate your sciaticaWhen you slow down your stride length that is length of the step there is less stress on the spine, which in turn is helpful for your sciatica. The recommended pace of walking is to be able to talk without getting breathless while you walk.  If you are feeling fine with the pace of your walk then you can try and increase your speed and see how you go. However always remember to listen to your body and see how you feel before you increase your speed further.

HERE is a checklist on Quick Office Stretches for Nerve Pain Relief. It helps you to identify which nerve is causing your pain and then gives you specific exercises for that nerve and the muscles that need to be addressed. These are easy exercises that can be done while you are sitting at your desk.
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