Tips To Manage Hip Pain Caused By Sitting
As working mums we are out and about the whole day, whether at work or at home with our little ones. We spend quite a bit of our day sitting down, sometimes in long meetings, sometimes playing with our kids. But when this sitting causes Hip Pain it can be quite challenging. In this blog we will discuss some simple tips to manage your hip pain that is caused by sitting. 
The main cause of hip pain when sitting is poor posture. When you are sitting the level of your pelvis should be slightly higher than the level of your knees. You can either use a wedge seat on your chair to achieve this tilt or you can adjust the seat of your chair to tilt forwards by about 5 degrees if you have an adjustable chair. This tilts the pelvis forward, which in turn puts the lumbar spine into a good posture and avoids the stresses from building up on the hip joints. 
The second tip for avoiding hip pain caused by sitting is to move every 15 to 20 minutes. But if that is practically not possible, then at least get up every hour. When we sit for more than 20 minutes the disc in our spine start to feel the stress. This is especially true for those who have a pre existing spinal problem or back pain. 
Another way to avoid hip pain caused by sitting is to use an adjustable standing desk where you can alternate between standing and sitting every hour or so. If you intend to do this change in position it is advisable to get an adjustable standing desk with a memory preset.
The last tip to avoid hip pain caused by sitting is to do regular desk based exercises while you are sitting. These are specially helpful when you cant get up and move every 20 minutes or so. These are stretching and mobility exercises that you can be done from your neck down to your feet. Click HERE to get your free copy of the desk based exercises.

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