Can your Back Pain cause Outer Thigh Pain?
If you suffer from back pain, and you also have pain on the side of your thigh, these two pains maybe related to each other. They can be many reasons for pain on the outer side of the thigh. But if you already suffer from back pain, chances are that your back pain might be the causing or contributing to your thigh pain. 
In this blog, lets discuss how this happens and how to know if these two pains are related to each other.
In our spine we have vertebra that are stacked on top of each other with a disc in between them all the way from the neck to the lower back. And between every two vertebras there are nerves that exit the spine on the right and the left. Every single one of these nerves goes and supplies a certain part of the body. If the nerve is irritated or pinched or compressed, due to disc bulges or spinal (foraminal or centralstenosis or arthritis or degeneration of the spine, it can lead to nerve pain. Nerve pains can manifest as tingling numbness, burning, heaviness or a dull ache, depending on which fibres of the nerve are involved. When the nerves in the upper to mid lumbar spine are irritated they cause nerve pain in the outer part of the thigh. 
If you want to know if outer thigh pain is caused by your back pain a doctor can do a physical examination or a MRI scan can help with this diagnosis. However there is another way to determine if these two pains are related. If activities that aggravate your lumbar pain or your lower back pain also aggravate the pain on the outer thigh then they are probably related to each other. In addition to this, activities or things that relieve your lumbar pain such as cold pack, hot pack, gentle stretching exercises that relieve your lumbar pain, also relieve your outer thigh pain. 
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