What is Spinal Stenosis (Central Spinal Stenosis or Foraminal Stenosis)?
If you are a working mum who's been sitting at a desk job for long hours and that too without frequent breaks, it is possible that you suffer from back pain. There can be many causes of back pain. One of the common ones is Spinal Stenosis. Lets discuss more about Spinal Stenosis in this blog.
Stenosis means narrowing and a spinal stenosis is a narrowing in any part of the spine. There are two kinds of stenosis seen in the spine. When you are reading your scan results or discussing your condition with the doctor they can refer to these two collectively as spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis can be either a Central Spinal Stenosis or a Foraminal Stenosis. To explain this further lets first understand the basic anatomy of the spine (in very simple words!) 
Our spine is made up of vertebra stacked on top of each with a disc in between. The spinal cord passes through the spine via a canal that is formed by the vertebra. If there is a narrowing of this spinal canal due to any reason it is known as a central spinal stenosis. This can cause irritation or compression of the spinal cord, leading to symptoms in the area supplied by that part of the cord. 
Stenosis can also occur in the facet joints that are present on the sides of the spine. These joints have a hole or a foramen through which nerves exit the spine between every two vertebra. When foraminal stenosis occurs it can compress or irritate the nerves that are exiting that forearm and produce a nerve pain symptom in the area supplied by that nerve. Watch this video to understand what is a nerve pain and how it can manifest in the body: 

Spinal stenosis can be caused by various reasons. These could range from bony spurs from spinal arthritis or osteoarthritis, a herniated disc or bulging disc or degenerative disc diseasesan injury such as a spinal fracture or a tumour or facet joint arthropathy, etc. 
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