Can an ergonomic chair fix your posture (Part 1)?
If you sit for long hours at work or at home, you might have suffered from Back, Neck or Joint pain at some or the other time and you might have considered buying an ergonomic chair or maybe you already use one and you may have wondered why it doesn’t help to manage your pain. Unlike regular office chairs an ergonomic chair helps to maintain your spine and joints in a neutral position thereby leading to a good posture and minimising the risk of spinal (back/neck) and joint pains. However just buying and using an ergonomic chair is not going to help you to do so. Lets discuss how to customize an ergonomic chair to maintain your body in a good posture in this two part blog. 

One of the common and vital feature is a lumbar support that can be adjusted to match the curve in your lower back. This helps to support the muscle that are located in the deepest parts of the lumbar curve, thus preventing slouching. This in turn reduces the risk of developing issues like back pain, neck pain, shoulder stiffness, etc. An external lumbar support can be used instead to replace this in an office chair. A quick alternate hack for this is to roll up a towel and place it in the curve of your lower back. The same external lumbar support can also be used in your car if your car seat doesn’t support your lower back well. 
Another important feature to customise is the depth of your seat. Ideally your thighs should be fully supported in length and width by the seat of your chair. Be mindful to keep approximately an inch gap between the back of your knees and the seat of the chair so the seat doesnt irritate or compress the nerves and other sensitive structures present in the back of the knee. This can otherwise lead to nerve pain down the legs and feet.  If your seat is too deep and cant be adjusted use a lumbar pillow to decrease the depth of your chair.

Watch this video to know about the benefits of using an ergonomic chair:

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HERE is a free guide to help you maintain a good sitting posture while working from home. It is also applicable whenever you are sitting, whether at work in the office or watching television in the house.
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