Can you stop Spinal Stenosis from progressing?
Back and neck (spinal) pain is not an uncommon phenomenon in the working population, more so in working mums as they juggle home, kids, work, travelling for work, sitting in long meetings, sleeping on uncomfortable hotel beds and pillows, etc. Spinal stenosis is one of the commonest causes of spinal pain. In this blog we will discuss if you stop spinal stenosis from progressing. 
Spinal stenosis is a narrowing in the spine, that can be of two kinds - Central Spinal Stenosis or a Foraminal Stenosis. Watch this video to learn more about spinal stenosis 

Spinal stenosis can be caused by various reasons. These could range from bony spurs from spinal arthritis or osteoarthritis, herniated disc or bulging disc or degenerative disc diseasesan injury such as a spinal fracture or a tumour or facet joint arthropathy, etc.  As the causes are so varied the symptoms are also quite varied. This can range from pain in the spine(back/neck) to nerve pain in the arms or legs. Lets consider the example of stenosis in the lumbar spine. This can manifest as nerve pain (tingling, numbness, burning, heaviness or sensitivity to touch) anywhere from the bottom to the legs all the way up to the foot and toes. You may also experience pain or cramping in the legs (neurogenic claudication) especially when you stand or walk for a prolonged period of time. Another characteristic feature of spinal stenosis is relief in spinal pain when you are bending forward (spinal flexion). You may have seen people  in the supermarket leaning over their shopping trolley for pain relief. Flexion helps to open up the stenosed back part of the spine. 
You cannot stop spinal stenosis from progressing, however you can slow down the process by addressing the basic cause of your stenosis and work towards supporting the body to manage the symptoms arising from the stenosis. This includes working on strengthening the muscles so that they can support the spine better, core exercises for the muscles that stabilise the spine and most importantly, addressing the inflammation in the spine and nerves.
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