7 reasons why your Nerve Pain is worse at night?
If you suffer from nerve pains you may have noticed that they are worse at night. It can be a frustrating experience due to the heightened discomfort during those precious moments of rest. In this blog, lets discuss why your nerve pain may be worse at night. 
1. Lying down can elevate the pressure on your nerves. While standing upright, your body weight gets distributed evenly, but when you lie down, a significant proportion of your weight puts pressure on a particular region, leading to increased nerve pressure and causing pain.
2. As the temperature decreases at night, your peripheral nerves may experience heightened tingling, and you may feel a sharper or burning pain. Additionally, your heart rate may slow down when you’re exposed to cold, which can slow down blood flow and intensify painful sensations.
3. Reduced Distractions: During the day, the hustle and bustle of daily activities may divert your attention away from nerve pain. However, at night, when you're lying in bed with minimal external stimuli, pain signals can become more pronounced.
4. Inflammation levels can fluctuate throughout the day, potentially worsening nerve pain during specific periods. Night time inflammation can result from various factors like joint stress, physical exertion, or underlying health conditions.
5. Chronic nerve pain often leads to restless nights and disrupted sleep patterns. This lack of quality sleep can contribute to increased pain sensitivity as sleep deprivation can lower one’s pain threshold and intensify the feeling of neuropathic pain. This creates a vicious cycle. sleep Restoring a peaceful state of mind is crucial for managing nerve pain.
6. The way you sleep can impact nerve pain. Certain positions can put pressure on nerves, leading to increased discomfort. Read more about "How Should You sleep with a Pinched Nerve in Your Back?" HERE and "How Can You Sleep to Avoid Neck and Shoulder Nerve Pain?" HERE.

7. Although medication may effectively alleviate pain during the day, its effects tend to wear off over time. This often occurs at night, causing discomfort and pain to return.

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