Can your Neck Problem Cause Tennis Elbow Pain?
Have you had a long standing tennis elbow pain and also suffer from neck pain? It is possible that your cervical (neck) problem is mimicking your elbow pain.

In this blog we will discuss the corelation between neck pain and tennis elbow pain and how to differentiate if your tennis elbow pain is localised to the elbow or being caused by your neck pain or whether your tennis elbow and neck pain co-exist. For these three scenarios, tennis elbow refers to pain on the outer part of the elbow which can radiate down into the forearm and fingers or up into the arm. And neck problems can range from pain in the pain to disc herniation to cervical headaches, etc. 
Lets consider the first scenario: Your pain is around your elbow and forearm. It can radiate up to the arm or down to the hands and fingers. But you do not suffer from neck pain or any problems with the cervical spine. Any activities or postures that aggravate your neck pain do not affect the elbow pain. Wearing a cervical collar does not reduce your elbow pain. In this case the neck is not likely to be a cause of your tennis elbow pain. 
Now lets consider the second scenario: You have pain in the neck and in your outer elbow. Every time your neck pain gets aggravated the elbow pain also increases. This could be in the form of poor posture by staring at a computer screen for long hours or sleeping in the wrong position and waking up with neck pain, etc. Relieving the neck pain reduces the elbow and forearm pain as well. This could be in the form of physical therapy, hot packcold pack, exercises, rest, etc. The reason for this co-relation between your neck and elbow pain is the nerves that exit the cervical spine supply the arm all the way to the fingertips. If these nerves are irritated or compressed due to a disc herniation or stenosis or just a poor posture of the neck, etc this can cause symptoms into the area that they supply. 
Coming to the third scenario: You have neck pain and a tennis elbow pain. But any changes in the neck (that were described in scenario two) does not affect the elbow pain and vice versa. Then it is possible that your neck and elbow pains are independent of each other. 
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