Do posture correctors actually work?
You may have caught yourself slouching and sitting in a poor posture at your desk at work or at home or when you are driving. However it is important to maintain a good posture for overall health and well-being as good postures can help us reduce strain on our muscles and joints, improve digestion, boost our mood, increase our energy levels, reduce brain fog, and make us feel more confident. However chronic slouching is a habit that’s hard to break and you may have tried a number of way to overcome this. One of the commonly recommended solution to manage a poor posture is a posture correction brace or a posture correctors. Lets discuss what these posture correction braces do and of they can actually correct your posture, in this blog.

Posture correctors are braces, that come in different shapes such as a corset or a harness that can help you achieve proper alignment at your shoulders and spine (midback, back, and neck) and lead to a good posture, when used correctly. So they can help you achieve a good posture, but you need to make the effort to maintain this good posture. This is similar to a standing desk that will give you the tools to avoid static sitting for long time but you still need to make the effort to manage a good posture while standing
If you decide to get a posture corrector, start wearing it for 20 minutes a day working your way to an hour and then onto a few hours in the day. You need to give time to your muscles, spine and surrounding structures to adjust to the ‘new’ posture slowly and gradually till it becomes a learned behaviour. In addition to this, it is very important to work on strengthening the muscles that help you to maintain a good posture such as spinal extensors and core muscles. So one hand you are giving feedback and retraining the brain to sit upright and on the other hand you are training the muscles that support a good posture. This holistic approach will help you to fix your poor posture and help get the maximum benefit out of your posture corrector. 

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Watch this video to learn how you can stop slouching at your desk: 


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