How long does it take to fix a Poor Posture?
As our working days are being spent hunched over the desk for 8 to 10 hours everyday, more and more people seem to develop a poor posture. Slumped or slouched posture are not uncommon these days. The first step towards fixing a poor posture is to be aware of it. In this blog, lets discuss how long does it take to fix a poor posture.
A Poor posture can be quite detrimental as it can lead to other issues such as back painneck painmidback pain, nerve pains, constipation, gastric issues, anxietyurinary incontinence and bladder issues, etc. If you have had a poor posture for years it will not be fixed in a day. It will take months to work towards a good posture. But the good news is that poor posture  can be transformed. Here are some important things to keep in mind when working on your posture.
Firstly it is a gradual and slow process to achieve and maintain a good posture. It will not be done in a day! When you have had years or months of poor posture your muscles are used to being in a lengthened or tight position as compared to normal. The brain is quite good at adapting itself to the new length of the muscles, a concept known as neuroplasticity. However it will take some time for the brain to accept and adapt to the muscle length arising from the good posture. 
Secondly you will need to work on the muscular imbalances to lengthen the tight muscles and strengthen the weaker ones. However it is very important to also work on strengthening your core muscles. These are the deepest layer of muscles that are present at every joint in your body. When you look at a person from the surface, and you are looking at the movement muscles, or the more superficial muscles. However, when you peel off these layers of muscle and you go right to the level of the spine or the joint, the muscles that are present here stabilise the spine or joint and hold it like a corset. Thus these are also known as the core or stabiliser muscles. Watch this video below to get a better understanding about core muscles and their function in achieving and maintaining a good posture.

Core strengthening also needs to be done in incremental steps and slowly, at your own pace. These are small muscles that get fatigued quite easily when pushed beyond a certain limit.
To sum it all up, it is possible to fix a poor posture but it takes time and patience to do so. As every one of us may have had the poor posture for different durations, how long it takes to correct your posture will vary from another person. 
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