How do you know if you have a good Standing Posture?
Many working mums are aware that they don’t have a perfect posture and they tend to stand with their shoulders rounded and lower back slouched. Poor standing posture is quite common as more and more people use standing desks but are not aware of the proper use for it. If you are one of these mum, you may have been attempting to correct this poor posture but not sure of you have been successful in achieving a good standing posture or moving in the right direction. In this blog we will discuss two simple tips that will help you determine if you are standing in a good posture or progressing towards a good standing posture. 
Firstly check the points of contact of your foot with the floor. Whenever you are putting weight on the feet, whether standing or walking and your foot is flat on the floor make sure there are three points on your foot that are touching the floor. These are known as the tripod of your foot. These are ball of the big toe and ball of the little toe and the heel.
Another good way to determine of you have a good standing posture is to do the “Wall test”. Stand with your back towards the wall, with the heels 4 to 6 inches away from the wall. Observe if these three points are able to touch the wall: back of your head, upper back and buttocks. If you have a forward head posture or chin poking out then the back of your head will not touch the wall. If you have rounded shoulders or a slouched midback then the shoulder blades or the upper back will not touch the wall. If you have an decrease in the curve of the lumbar spine or a flat lower back then your bottom will not touch the back of the wall. 
You can have someone measure the distance from the wall to these three points to be able to determine if you are progressing towards a good standing posture. As you work towards achieving a good posture these distances should gradually reduce. 

Here is a video on "How long does it take to fix a Poor Posture?"

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