What are the benefits of using an ergonomic chair?
We spend a majority of our time sitting down during our work days and sometimes this is unavoidable. Even though you maybe taking regular breaks it can get uncomfortable to sit for long hours, leaving you feeling stiff and achy at the end of the day. In this blog, lets discuss how an ergonomic chair can help you avoid this pain and discomfort. 
Enhanced Posture: An ergonomic chair is designed to promote proper posture by aligning your spine and supporting the natural curve of your lower back. Example – these chairs have an inbuilt lumbar support that can be adjusted to match the curve in your lower back so that the muscles in this area are supported, thus preventing slouching. Ergonomic chairs have many such features that reduce the risk of developing issues like back pain, neck strain, and shoulder tension, etc. 
Increased Comfort: Ergonomic chairs feature adjustable seat height, backrest angle, and armrest positions, that allows you to customize the chair to fit your unique body shape and preferences. Example – your feet should always be in contact with the floor when sitting. This gives your body a stable base, avoiding ankle, feet, knee, hip, lower back and spinal pain. 
Avoid Nerve Pain: Ergonomic chairs are designed provide proper support and reducing pressure on your legs and thighs. This is in sharp contrast to traditional office chairs. Example – The seat of ergonomic chair ideally lies an inch before the back of the knee joint. Seats of traditional office chairs cant be adjusted to accommodate this need which can lead to pressure on the nerves in that area, leading to tingling numbness and other signs of nerve pain
Reduced Fatigue: An ergonomic chair helps distribute your body weight evenly, reducing pressure on specific areas and minimising muscle fatigue. This means you can stay focused and energised throughout the day, which leads to increased productivity. 
Enhanced Productivity: When your body feels comfortable and supported, your mind can fully devote to the task at hand. By eliminating distractions due to discomfort and pain, an ergonomic chair can significantly boost your productivity, concentration and overall work performance.
However be mindful that a person can have a poor posture even an ergonomic chair. These are tools to aid you to have a good sitting posture but you still need to take frequent breaks to offload the spine and do regular desk based exercises to avoid the stresses from building up on the body. 
HERE is a guide to help you maintain a good sitting posture while working from home. It is also applicable whenever you are sitting, whether at work in the office or watching television in the house. 

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