Seeking Back and Nerve Pain Relief: Can Steroid Injections be the solution for Busy Mums?
Juggling the demands of a high-stress executive job while caring for young children can take a toll on both your physical and mental well-being. From lifting toddlers to sitting for extended periods at your desk, the daily grind can exacerbate back and nerve pain, making it challenging to fulfill your responsibilities and enjoy life to the fullest. You may have explored various treatment options including steroid injections. But are these injections truly the solution you have been searching for? In this blog, lets discuss the effectiveness and the one key for the success of steroid injections in easing back and nerve pains. 
Injections are used to treat a wide variety of conditions such as back painneck pain, nerve paintennis elbow, heel spurs, etc. There are three situations in which your doctor can tell you to get a steroid injection. 
1. You have tried all non surgical treatments and you have not had pain relief. Rather your pain is still quite acute or you have very high levels of pain. 
2. Your doctor is considering surgery but he wants to try the injection as the last non surgical treatment. 
3. You may be may or may not have tried all other treatments such as exercises, physiotherapy, dry needling, etc. However your pain is so severe that it is interfering with your everyday activities. You need to get a solution because all your everyday activities such as getting out of bed, walking, driving, etc are being affected by this pain. 
You may be concerned about getting a steroid injection as repeated use of steroid injections can lead to muscle tears. But those are not caused by a one off injection. Anyways, most doctors will not advise more than two or three injections in a year. This of course can vary as per the condition and doctors discretion.
However, the positive side of getting an injection is the pain relief that can last for weeks to months to even up to one year but that can vary from person to person. Once you are relatively pain free do not make the mistake that most people. Most people stop all exercises and taking all precautions when the pain goes down drastically. Be mindful that this pain relief from injections is short lived. The pain will come back and this is a ‘golden time’ to manage your exercises. Make sure that you work on strengthening the back and core muscles. You need to work on the muscular imbalances around your back, pelvis and spine. This is the key for the success of steroid injections in alleviating back and nerve pains. This is applicable whether your back and nerve pain is due to a herniated discspinal stenosisspinal degenerationspinal arthritis or sciatica

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Steroids are used in injections for their anti inflammatory properties. When the inflammation in your back and nerves decreases the pain also reduces. This is a very generalised view of how steroid injections work. 
Whether you get an injection for back and nerve pain, you need to address the basic cause of your back pain. For this you need to lower the inflammation in your spine and nerves. You can find out more about managing your inflammation in a free 11 days jumpstart HERE.
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Disclaimer: This video is meant for information and educational purposes only. Please follow the advise of your doctor or healthcare professional on your specific condition.


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