Can Neck Problems Cause Brain Fog or Forgetfulness?
For executive moms juggling the demands of career and family, brain fog and forgetfulness can be frustrating obstacles in their daily routines. From managing work projects to coordinating family schedules, the cognitive challenges of brain fog can add an extra layer of stress to an already busy life. In this blog, lets discuss how neck problems can contribute to these symptoms of brain fog and forgetfulness.
As executive moms, the hectic pace of life often leads to prolonged periods of sitting at desks or looking down at devices, which can take a toll on the neck. The upper cervical spine is particularly susceptible to misalignments or tension, especially for those who spend long hours in front of screens. When the cervical ligaments are lax due to degeneration due to head down posture while working on the  computer or chronic cell phone use, there can be excessive movement or instability between the skull and the upper cervical spine, leading to a condition known as Cervicocranial instability. The instability can lead to subtle shifts in vertebral alignment that disrupt blood flow to the brain. This disruption can manifest as symptoms of brain fog or forgetfulness, making it challenging for executive moms to stay focused and alert during their daily activities. 
To address cervicocranial instability and alleviate cognitive symptoms, executive moms can take proactive steps to support neck health. This includes optimizing workstation ergonomics to reduce strain on the neck and upper spine, practicing proper neck posture to maintain vertebral alignment, and incorporating regular breaks to stretch and move throughout the day. 

Problems with the upper to mid cervical spine can also cause dizziness (Cervical vertigo) and cervicogenic headaches. If you have these along with brain fog, there are chances that your problems are arising from the neck. In conclusion, neck problems can indeed contribute to cognitive symptoms like brain fog or forgetfulness, particularly for executive moms managing busy lifestyles. By understanding the link between neck health and cognitive function and taking proactive steps to support neck health, executive moms can improve cognitive clarity and enhance their overall well-being

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