How can you take care of your Neck while working from home?
If you are a mum who is experiencing neck discomfort while working from home? It is important to prioritize your well-being with the increasing trend of remote work, especially when it comes to your back. In this blog, lets discuss some tips to help you care for your back while working from home.
Firstly, take regular breaks from sitting by standing up and stretching. Our bodies are not meant for static postures, whether it is prolonged standing or prolonged sitting. Stand up and move around every 30 minutes throughout the day to reverse the effects of being seated for extended periods.  This could also be as simple as shifting in your seat or shifting your weight from one side of the bottom to another, if you are in a long meeting or unable to get up from your chair. 
Secondly do some desk based exercises which are simple stretches that take up 2 to 3 minutes and can be done every hour, if possible. These could also count as the regular breaks that was mentioned above and can be easily done even when you are in a meeting or video zoom call where you cant get up and move.

Thirdly, try and avoid poor posture at the neck. A commonly seen one is a forward head posture, where your head is placed forwards in relation to your body. In order to balance this forward position of the head over the body, the shoulder need to be rounded. This is usually seen in those who strain their neck forwards to look at a screen for long hours. It creates a lot of stress around the neck muscles and nerves in the mid back and neck. It can also lead to irritation or compression of the nerves that exit the lower cervical spine, which can lead to nerve pain in the area between the shoulder blades or the arms and hands, cervicogenic (cervical) headaches and even contribute to poor sleep quality. To avoid rounded shoulder and Forward head posture make sure that your work area is ergonomically optimized. Position the top of your laptop or phone screen is about five to 10 degrees below eye level. This will help to maintain a neutral posture of the neck, thus preventing rounded shoulders and forward head posture (see picture below).

A posture correction brace can also help to prevent and manage rounded shoulders. HERE is the one that I use and recommend. 
HERE is a guide to help you How can you avoid neck pain when working from home. It is also applicable whenever you are sitting, whether at work in the office or watching television in the house. 
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