Should you wear your  Lumbar belt while sleeping?
As a working mum, you might have suffered from back pain at some of the other time either due to a poor posture or prolonged sitting at work, or long work travels etc. If that is the case, you might have thought about using a lumbar belt or maybe advised to wear one by your doctor or healthcare professional. Lumbar belts can be quite useful in managing back pain and especially when you are in situations that aggravate your back pain. However, you may have wondered if you can sleep with your lumbar belt. In this blog, let's address whether you should sleep with your lumbar belt or not.
Lumbar belts are quite helpful in managing back pain. With back pain your muscles tend to go into a spasm trying to hold the area stable and avoid movements to aid recovery. But this muscle spasm itself can be detrimental as it continues over days and causes more pain. A lumbar belt steps in and aids the muscles to support the spine, so that the muscles can gradually relax and healing can take place and this leads to reduction in back pain. The lumbar belt can also help by supporting the muscles that have been weakened, much like a scaffolding to a building. Now this could be back pain due to an injury, disc herniationstenosisarthritis, degeneration, etc. 
Ideally, it is not recommended to wear a lumbar belt 24/7. It is advisable to take it off during mealtimes and toilet activities as in it can lead to disturbances in the intra-abdominal pressure, which can lead to more stresses on the lower back and thus an increase in back pain. However, if you find the belt reduces your back pain substantially in the daytime and your pain increases at night due to the lack of support, you can use your lumbar belt while sleeping. However, it should not be tied as firm and snug as you would in the daytime. You will need to loosen out the belt a little bit. 
If you are one of those who wake up when with lumbar pain or stiffness in the mornings, you need to be more mindful about your sleeping posture at night and the activities that you have done the previous day especially towards the second half of the day, apart from wearing the lumbar belt. 

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